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Types & Tips for Handling Disruptive Online Students

Openly abusive to the instructor or other students

  1. It is essential for the instructor to immediately refer the issue to administrative authority
  2. Skillfully handle behavior at the start in order to prevent from reaching the extremes
  3. Posting a code of conduct for the class can certainly help set the tone for the class

The AWOL student - student attendance become even more difficult

  1. Begin by asking for a secondary email address beyond the University issued to persist in contacting the student
  2. Find a solution for the missing time or
  3. Encouraged to drop the course

The seemingly angry student

  1. Quickly reply to resolve the issue
  2. Suggest a phone call or video conference
  3. Resolved through a quick discussion

The back-channel complainer - through a secret, unofficial, or informal channel of communication

  1. Allow the student to share their complaints without judgment
  2. Give your students the benefit of the doubt
  3. Be respectful and patient and re-direct problem behavior in constructive ways
  4. Tutoring can sometimes remedy frustration from limited face to face contact- suggest it

Any communications or concerns can be emailed to:

               Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities


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